1. Do you already have a DEM # for insurance coverage?
  2. Do you want to reserve a room at Taylor’s Landing?
  3. Do you need a unit vehicle or use of the tower?


DEM #:

For any questions, contact Randy Fay, Snohomish County DEM Volunteer Coordinator @

If a meeting, training or outreach event involves SCVSAR people, property or equipment, you need a DEM #.

Check with your unit leader to see if your event already has a DEM #.

If you are appending an event to an open DEM #, you must complete this application and email it to the above contact at least 2 weeks before the event.

If you don’t have an existing DEM #, complete the application and email it to the above contact at least 3 weeks before the event.

If approved, you will be notified of your DEM #.

For incomplete applications or if received with insufficient time, DEM will make a good faith effort to get them approved but with no guarantees.  This puts your event in jeopardy.

Additional clarification for the application form:

  1. The name of the requesting unit or team
  2. The name of the SCVSAR or EMRU President or Director
  3. Be date specific.  Don’t use phases such as “the 3rd Monday of every other month”.
  4. Location of training event. If on Forest Service land please provide which district will be used
  5. You can estimate the number of participants.
    1. All participants would be members of your unit or team if they are members of SCVSAR or EMRU or a combination of the two. Only answer “No” if other participants are from different organizations within Snohomish County or from like organizations from other Counties. Participants from out of state are not covered by the Washington State Emergency Workers program.
  6. Provide outside participants organization names
  7. Aircraft, yes or not?
  8. Brief and to the point
  9. ALWAYS use:  Snohomish Co. CEMP, ESF 7 and 9, Annex A
  10. ALL applications need to be processed through Snohomish County DEM first. Requests for DEM numbers are NOT to be sent directly to the state by the requesting organization.

The unit or team focal requesting the number should complete and sign the “Requestor” information
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For any questions, contact Mike Loney, SCVSAR VP @

  1. Check availability first.
  2. Email with time/date/location (A1, B2, C3, whatever).
  3. Make sure the hard copy calendar is updated. This is the official master calendar, and is located in the TL main meeting room.


  • Users are responsible for cleaning up after use.
  • If you are the last one departing the property, set the alarm and close the gate.
  • Ultimately the unit/team leader is responsible, or the lead instructor for classes.

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For any questions, contact Mike Loney, SCVSAR VP @

  1. Receive confirmed verbal permission from SCSO Danny or Glen.
  2. Next get unit permission which varies by unit. Either contact the equipment focal or unit president.
  3. Inform the rest of the unit when the vehicle is in use and when it is returned, available for service.

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For any questions, contact Mike Loney, SCVSAR VP @

  1. Check the schedule calendar in the “Tower Policy” book in the TL office for availability.
  2. Within this book, there are hard copies of all the forms required and all the Tower Policy rules, approved Tower instructors, etc.
  3. It also has many pre made STOP forms, that can be used for many types of trainings.
  4. If you are doing a training that does not have a STOP already, you will need to write one and submit it first.
  5. Be familiar with this Tower Policy beforehand.
  6. A tower instructor must be present.